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Via Fark comes a list of facts about our presidents. Being a liberal partisan, I figured I’d just pick out the facts that I found about our current president. Just for grins, you understand.

Such as this: when Dubya starts harping on the New England credentials of John Kerry, ask him where he was born (Connecticut) and where his father was born (Massachusetts).

George W. Bush is one of only three presidents who came to office without winning the popular vote. But he’s certainly going to be more remembered in history than Rutherford Hayes and Benjamin Harrison.

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  • Maybe I’m reading this wrong, or just missing something but G.W. is not listed under ‘Presidents who served in wars,’ ‘Presidents who were in the military bu who saw no action’ or ‘Presidents with no military experience.’

    Seems that NO ONE know exactly where he was during Viet Nam….

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