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Poor guy

By now, you’ve probably all seen this photo and the circumstances under which it was taken. I think that the photo and caption say it all without any editorializing from me, although everytime I say I won’t editorialize, the temptation is just too great. These days, I feel somewhat vindicated because the tide is turning and people are starting to glimpse the things I’ve seen all along. So, yes, I’ll just post the photo and not say another word. Really. I swear.

US President George W. Bush walks away from a briefing with the media, refusing to answer questions after he was asked about Enron and the reported indictment of former CEO Kenneth Lay, who was a close adviser and fund-raiser for Bush and his father, earning him the presidential nickname of ‘Kenny Boy.’ (AFP/Paul J. Richards) Thu Jul 8, 8:52 AM ET

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  • (This may be the wittiest thing I’ve ever written….. that is if you get the refrence.)

    I can just hear Cheney on the microphone “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain….”

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