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The sometimes subtle, sometimes overt dividing continues. The right wing orders seem to have gone out: keep driving home hatred toward gay Americans.
Here are two examples from yesterday. I was listening to an All Things Considered story about the “unbundling” of cable channels. A man being interviewed, in typical right wing fashion, used the forum to demonize gay people by claiming that cable companies force “families” (read “good conservatives”) who subscribe to such wholesome fare as Family Channel (read “home of the 700 Club”) to also receive such channels as the gay-lesbian channel LOGO (read “pornography.”) LOGO hasn’t even gone on the air yet, but it’s a convenient target for these guys, who have managed to work anti-gay rhetoric into every conceivable speech or appearance, in any subject.
Of course, that just goes to show that gay Americans are everywhere and are an integral part of the fabric of our society.
Meanwhile, there’s this asshole:

Whether or not Ed Heeney’s views on gays and lesbians help him win votes in central Palm Beach County, they’re getting him some national exposure.

In remarks reported in this column on May 15, the Republican state representative candidate said he was “homo-nausic” and warned that Palm Beach County residents should be wary of gays and lesbians moving north from Broward.

“I’ve had enough of their influence on our culture and society,” Heeney said. “I have no personal difficulty with them. I just know they’re not to be underestimated. They’re very, very militant.”

One concern: A phenomenon he detected in which “the lesbian community” in Fort Lauderdale was buying restaurants and bars, making it difficult for non-gays to shoot pool.

First off, don’t you love people who make anti-gay comments but preface them with the ridiculous “I have no personal difficulty with them.”
And what a wuss he is if he finds it difficult to play pool when there are lesbians around. He must not be a very good pool player, he’s afraid the women will beat him. I’ve never seen a gay or lesbian bar that denied entry to non-gay people. Just go in and play pool, you cowardly bully. Or better yet, buy your own pool table and put it in your darkly paneled, moldy basement along with the plastic Schlitz sign and stack of Oui magazines.

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