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Dish with cojones

I feel better today about my choice of Dish Network service. 8 years ago when I chose Dish over DirecTV, it was because I saw a company run by an entreprenuer, not a conglomerate. I’ve stuck with them as they grew big and more corporate, with less helpful customer service and all the other problems that come along with success.
But tonight, they’ve won their way back into my good graces: Dish Network is airing “Fahrenheit 9/11”.
You may remember that the pay-per-view company that contracted to air the film backed down and broke that contract, supposedly under pressure from the Republican party. Looks like Dish Network can’t be intimidated so easily.
Now, I have no plans to watch the film; I haven’t seen it and don’t really want to, as I find Michael Moore films to be cruelly manipulative, at least emotionally. I already find George Bush and his cronies to be reprehensible, I certainly don’t need to go through the emotional trauma of watching a Michael Moore film on top of it.
But I’m impressed that Dish is airing it — I’m sure the $10 pay-per-view fee isn’t bothering them much, either.

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  • Wow, here I was all ready to snap back with some counterpoint when all of a sudden….
    Good points, all.
    Carry on.

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