It was tax evasion that brought down Al Capone

Posted on January 29, 2005 by Gene

You know all those big rules the Republicans keep breaking? Oh, like, the rules against torture and such? Well, maybe it will be the little ones that finally bring them down:

What would be the purpose of an inaugural ball if the Republicans couldn’t break a few laws there just to remind us that IOKIYAAR*? Here’s a felony committed last night at the Black Tie and Boots Ball and mentioned in passing in a Moonie Times article:

One table sold fat Cohiba cigars, and the men chomped away happily.

Cohibas — those would be, um, Cuban cigars. Prior to August 1, 2004, individual travelers licensed to travel to Cuba could bring back cigars but only for personal use. Now, even those travelers cannot bring back Cuban cigars. And, it’s illegal to resell in the United States Cuban cigars in the United States, even if imported legally under the old rules. Click here and here if you don’t believe me.

Tom Delay was on the guest list for the Black Tie and Boots Ball. We know he likes cigars. Ya think he was one of the chompers?

*It’s Okay If You Are A Republican