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Didn’t God say that vengeance was HIS?

The next time you’re tempted to make the case for terrorism as always in the name of Islam, don’t forget that we Christians also have insane fanatical fundamentalists who ignore the teachings of their religion.

An unrepentant Eric Rudolph declared Monday that abortion must be fought with “deadly force” as a judge sentenced him to life in prison for setting off a remote-controlled bomb at an abortion clinic that killed an off-duty police officer and maimed a nurse.

… Under a plea bargain that spared him a death sentence, Rudolph received two life sentences without parole for the Birmingham bombing. Next month, he will receive two more life terms for the deadly Olympic bombing and two other attacks in Atlanta.

… Rudolph faces sentencing Aug. 22 in Atlanta for the Olympic bombing, which killed one woman and injured more than 100 other people, and for 1997 bombings at an abortion clinic and a gay bar in Atlanta.

I’m amused that he ironically avoided the death penalty. How liberal of him! Nonetheless, I’m against the death penalty because a) it doesn’t serve as a deterrent, and b) I love the idea of this horrible monster sitting in a cell for the rest of his life, never to be free again. He has probably 60 years to sit there and rot.


  • I personally tend to favor the death penalty.

    I agree that in its current form it’s misused and there’s too much room for error and drastic changes need to be made. But sometimes….There are people that just don’t deserve to live. When they find freezers and pots and pans full of body parts (Jeffrey Dahmer) or thirty bodies under your porch (John Wayne Gacy) I say enough is enough.

    Sure its no deterrent to future killers but it stops repeat offenders.

    How many times did Ted Bundy escape? How many people were killed after his first admission to being a serial killer? I see no reason to feed and house the scum of the earth. People like unrepentant Eric Rudolph don’t deserve full medical and dental. They don’t deserve access to a library where they can study for a degree. What they deserve is a bullet in the brain.

    Take the money that would have been spent to feed and house him for the next 30 years and give it to a child that needs it. Save the medical treatments for the poor that need it.

    If he develops diabetes let him die. If he develops cancer let him die. I see no reason whatsoever to extend hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical treatments for these people when so many hard working good people will die because they don’t have medical and can’t afford treatment.

    But hey, that’s just my opinion.

  • I like what Dennis Miller had to say about these whack-jobs that kill abortion doctors in the name of ‘The Lord.’
    “If abortion is a sin then let God take care of it, after all his judgement can be an eternal bitch. You, you’re Barney Fife, keep the bullet in you shirt pocket.”

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