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Mate in 2 moves

Now, the conspiracy-minded among us can start to piece together the plot.
Bush nominates Harriet Miers, an obvious non-starter. But why?
Easy. She was a sacrificial lamb, sent out to draw fire (Bush has done this many times, sending people out to drain the energy of his opposition). She was picked specifically because she had no judicial history to pick apart and she was a woman.
Now that the first act is over, he can justify his real pick, an anti-abortion conservative who will be the key vote in overturning Roe v Wade.
Not a woman? Hey, he already nominated a woman and you didn’t want her!
Not qualified? Hey, Alito has the same — if not better — qualifications as John Roberts, who sailed through confirmation!
Too conservative? Hey, don’t question the president in a time of war!
You’d think that by now the opposition would understand that Karl Rove and the Bush White House always think a few steps ahead in their broad plan to finish the conservative takeover of our government. I am convinced that this nomination was part of that careful plan. This is the the secret information that James Dobson had: that Harriet Miers was a smokescreen and the real candidate was on the way.

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