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Wish I could meet a handsome single doctor

So, this sharp pain in my chest that’s been there since last night — do you think it is a sign of a heart attack, or just that I ate too much cheese?
I’m actually sore on the surface, like there will be a bruise there, I wonder what I did to cause this? Did I walk into a door or something and just not realize it?
Just in case, I’ll make sure I memorize the route to the Kaiser emergency room and keep my insurance card handy. Maybe my $217 per month premiums will pay off soon.

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  • Any unexplained bruise or pain should be checked out.

    A bruise on the surface tends to rule out a heart atack. However a trip to the clinic for a general exam is in order and it would also be a good way to do some early ground work on the attractiveness and availability of the Dr’s in your area.

    The Emergengy room isn’t a good place to meet them, you’re far from looking your best and they’re way too busy.

    Another reason to have a general exam is to have your information on record at the hospital. Once your in ‘The System’ any future (or emergency) admittance will go so much quicker and smoother.

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