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Cowan Standard Time

You know how you sometimes get a song or something stuck in your head, and it just stays there forever and you can’t get rid of it and it just plays on and on and on and you think you’re going to go insane?
For the last six months, I’ve had something akin to that going on in my head.
Whenever I pass a clock or think of a time, such as a 7pm meeting tonight I have to go to, I automatically count forward three hours to DC time.
Every single damned time. I’m living in two time zones, guys.


  • I did the SAME thing when I lived in Ohio (only backwards from what you do) and I thought I’d get over it. Then I met someone who moved from Illinios 10 years previous and he still did it too.
    So- get used to it.

  • 10:00pm—mom–aunt Maura
    9:00pm— aunt Susie
    8:00pm— El Paso
    7:00pm— San JOse
    did it for years–guess what still do !!

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