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I’m really getting a bit sick of the people who are coming out of the woodwork — years after it would have done any good — criticizing the Bush administration to get themselves in the news. Today it was former CIA director George Tenet, who says that he was made a scapegoat in the Bush administration attempt to manufacture intelligence to present an imminent threat from Saddam Hussein. True enough, I’m sure, but why didn’t he say this years ago?
Earlier it was Lee Iacocca, who asked “am I the only one?” That question would have been more appropriate five or even six years ago, when people like myself were trying to point out the lies of the Bush White House. Now he’s not even close to the only one, he’s only one in about 4 million.
They’re all starting to come out now, well after it would have done any good, because of course now they won’t face any difficult questions or criticism themselves; they now hold the same opinion as the majority.
Oh, and they are all flogging books.
Imagine how much courage it would have taken for Tenet to voice this criticism five years ago.
But there are few people of courage out there.


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