Why we Washingtonians love Marion Barry: “I am a politician who’s moral.”

Beneficial side effect of not eating all day: you can get pretty buzzed on a single Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Cheap date!

I love Hot & Sour Soup. But I hope to heavens no one ever tells me what is in it.

Mmm… Cashew chicken. @ Chef Ming Restaurant loopt.us/Hb_wmQ.t

New game: Earthquake or hypoglycemic episode? Also, new measurement scale: a 3.7 feels the same as an empty stomach + 3 cups of coffee.

I felt something bizarre that made me dizzy, but didn’t even consider it was an earthquake.

that was weird.

keeps looking at iCal, speculating about potential days to go to Disneyland, Tahoe, Vegas… then confronting reality.

Using air freshener to “eliminate” odors in the men’s room is like sprinkling flowers on a pile of shit: a worse combo than the original.

Purell kills germs. Purell is 62% alcohol. Ergo, to protect myself against germs, I’m gonna go home and drink multiple martinis. FTW!

Heh :) Steve Jobs should go buy up old dilapidated houses all over the Bay Area just out of spite and start bulldozing them one by one.