My iPod earphones went through a 1-1/2 hour sanitizing cycle in the washer & still work perfectly (even the remote). And now they’re clean!

I think I am shedding more hair than the dog these days.

ok, ok, ok. i’m going to get on that treadmill we call… the treadmill.

Whoa – it’s 44 degrees. It’s like Mother Nature yelling “Surprise! It’s November!”

Hello again, 3am. We have to stop meeting like this

There are a few voices on NPR that shouldn’t be on the radio. Like the Brit woman with the lisp. Make it stop.

Deja vu… I was sitting on this very couch watching the beginning of this same Charlie Brown when the Halloween earthquake hit. Scary.

Hmm. The emergency repair to the Bay Bridge last month just fell off it and onto some cars. Emergency repair to the emergency repair?

Switched to Comcast Business a month ago. Today, Comcast Residential dropped by and disconnected it. Way to communicate, guys.

When my iPhone goes from landscape to portrait, the status bar at the top disappears and doesn’t come back. Anyone else? Or is it just me?

If my cubicle had a roof on it, it would make a cool fort.

What’s the point of spending my evenings on the treadmill if I’m just gonna GAIN weight? WTF? This is insane, and a good new excuse to stop.