Should I start drinking now, or wait until I’ve had my Lean Cuisine and am sitting on the couch wishing something was on TV?

Sunday-Tuesday: walked 25 miles around Disneyland. Wednesday: sat in a car for 330 miles. Thursday: applied liberal amounts of Icy Hot.

Another day off. Now what?

There are at least 3 different helicopters over my neighborhood trying to get a look at the remains of a Caltrain track death. Morbid.

Home again, home again, jiggety-jog.

I’m getting tired of watching rude couples try to remove each others tonsils orally, in public, in front of a thousand other people. Nice.

is having a fat day. Ugh.

RT @someToast Sure, the airline charges me for a checked bag, but the 20lbs. I’ve packed on over this weekend flies for free. Suckers!

Ahead of my time

Hey, remember when I was 13 and watching every scrap of Dr. Who I could manage to find? Back in the days when we in America were watching episodes that were already years old by the time they aired on PBS? Or we watched flickery videotapes made by pointing an American video camera at a UK television screen?

Today is Barbara Billingsley’s Birthday! Gee, happy 94th, Mrs. Cleaver.

Left my iPhone at home today. Feel out of touch… even though no one calls me.

Ok, ok. I’ll shave tomorrow morning. Stop giving me looks.