Poor Diego hasn’t been feeling well and has spent the entire time since I got home curled up inside my sweater. Good thing he’s only 5 lb.

I tell ya, Saturday I’m gonna have a geekgasm watching the return of Dr Who while I finger my iPad.

it’s freakin’ 49 degrees in San Jose right now. WTF? What happened?

Why is wheat bread always packaged in plastic wrap INSIDE plastic wrap?

I think I done did broke my toe. Ouch.

Twitter and Facebook have destroyed my blogging. Why would I write so much when I can be pithy and thought provoking in 140 characters?

When told about the real content of the health care reform bill, tea party woman just says “no one has read it” and continues with delusion.

Listening to NPR report on tea party people… They are insane, stupid, and just delusional. And scary.

is watching Picket Fences and wishing they’d release season 2 on DVD already. I mean, it’s been years, guys.

I know I have to mow the lawn & pull weeds & wash clothes & wash the car & vacuum & clean the bathroom… but what should I DO today?

Yawn… 3.1? I thought it was the dog turning in his sleep.

Is it weird that I’m already prepping a selection of wallpapers for my iPad? One of which says, in large, friendly letters, “Don’t Panic!”?