First iPad 3G bug: plugging it in to sync with iTunes makes the audio go away – even volume rockers don’t work or display a bezel. Restart.

Side by side, iPad: 5 bars 3G, 1 bar wifi. iPhone: 1 bar 3G, 5 bars wifi. Ooooookay. Don’tcha think it would work better the other way?

My grandfather would have definitely been an early adopted of iPhone, iPad and HDTV. He would have loved all this.

I went to high school with 2 sons of powerful senators, and yet it’s classmate @aaronhillegass that I see mentioned everyday. Yay for nerds!

Divided we fall

I’ve said this for decades now, and it’s so obvious that I don’t think I ever wrote about it — but it’s getting so prevalent now that I wonder why I don’t hear more people talking about it.
Divide and conquer.
‘Cos that’s what the right wing, and by extension, the Republicans, are all about.

This is one sexy bigot

Wow. Just wow. File this under “Virginia: The New Florida.”
The always hilarious Sterling, Virginia nutcase Eugene Delgaudio is out with a fantastic fundraising letter, warning about those depraved homosexuals. And the way he writes tells me he’s probably another one of those “doth protest too much” guys. Here’s a sample. Emphasis is mine, excitement is his.

Just heard the mouse eating the poison. I wanted to go scare it away from the horrible fate I have caused.

So, we got a full hour for the Doctor Who premiere, but they took time away from the rest – eps are 5 minutes shorter this year. :(

I’ve tried sealing holes, no-kill traps, and repellants. Today I bought mice poison. I already feel like a horrible murderer of cuteness.

is painstakingly creating pixie dust particles and animating by hand. And chasing a mouse around the house with the dog.

My relaxing Friday nite would be moreso if it weren’t for the car alarm 2 streets away going off every 90 seconds for the last hour.