Number of emails overnight asking me to do something: 23. Number of emails offering to do something for me: zero.

Been up for the last hour, reading a dozen emails filled with work I’ll need to do in the morning. So nice to plan my day, eh?

Chihuahua Playing Pool (via robinsbilliards)

Note to self: the frozen pizza from Trader Joes wasn’t that great the first time, but coming back up the next morning was less of a treat.

27 emails answered, texts coming in, phone calls coming in. I do more on my iPhone from bed than most people do all day. Cripes.

Here’s an idea for someone: ask some Tea Baggers to take a high school oral civics test, with a live camera feed. Riches and fame await.

Hey, 20-something guy with the 4″ diameter earlobe holes – you look like a 1960s Natl Geographic cover. Good luck finding a job in your 30s.

Via BoingBoing: “The title asks, “So you are coming to the 8/28 Glenn Beck March on Washington?” You know, the one taking place on the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech? If the answer’s yes, here’s your guidebook, with handy information on how to avoid The Gays, The Blacks, and The Immigrants—even helpful tips on which cafés “restrict your access to ‘adult’ sites.” Because, you know, you’ll wanna porn up before heading over there wait what?”

“Meg Whitman to launch a big offensive.” Yup. She sure is.

Hmm. The promise of a donut is not really enough to motivate me to go to work this morning.

Wait – the Emmys are this weekend? Wow. A year without television and I am SO out of the loop.