That last group of teens had no bags for candy. I filled their open hands cos I smelled pot and figured they had the munchies.

New addition to my Halloween sound effects reel, playing in my front yard: “Prisoner Zero Has escaped.” exceptionally creepy :) #doctorwho

When the little kids who are so obviously NOT from my middle class neighborhood show up, I give them 3x the candy. Is that class warfare?

I just realized I will be eating nothing but laffy taffy and gobstoppers for the next month until my dentist appointment.

Some kid’s dad is wearing his work clothes along with a sword around his waist. Ninja Office Manager?

Just heard a little kid say “have a very good evening!”

Should I expect respiratory repercussions from breathing in all this glycerin fog?

RT @LCranston1939: 73 years ago tonight, CBS & Mercury Theater aired “The War of the Worlds.” The greatest media hoax in history until t …

RT@CelluloidBlonde Is Congress still talking about vaginas? I checked mine and there are no jobs in there.

Why does this Fry’s smell like a poopy diaper?

Why does the extremist Right hate America’s hero troops?

RT @LOLGOP: I just figured it out. When the Republicans refer to “the Founders”, they mean Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes.