“These debates… they have jumped the shark. Because last night — I swear to God — the Republicans talked about three things: deporting Mexican grandmothers; building a colony on the Moon that could become the 51st state; and how Obama is out of touch.”
— BILL MAHER, Real Time

Maximum You’re Entitled To See

I never thought this day would come. See, back in the heady early days of the high definition era, I enjoyed showing off my knowledge by telling my friends that we would see “Star Trek” in HD but we’d never see “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” Well, never say never.

After nuclear disaster, a harsh winter for Fukushima’s abandoned pets

I am constantly horrified by “rules” that say you must leave your pets when you are evacuated from a disaster. I don’t care what anyone in “authority” says to me — Diego will be firmly in my grasp if I have to evacuate, along with any other pets in my neighborhood.