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Mayor Bloomberg: Chick-fil-A Ban ‘Not Going to Happen’ in NYC


I have to agree with Mayor Bloomberg: I don’t believe that government should be in the business of banning businesses because of their politics or beliefs. Chick-Fil-A is not refusing to serve gay customers or violating any civil rights statutes. And even if they, say, refuse to hire any gay employees or post someone at the door saying that gay people are not welcome to eat there, well… it’s not as if this country has comprehensive laws against that kind of discrimination even if they did. Can’t refuse to serve a black man, but a gay man? Discrimination is perfectly legal, and they’ll say it’s cause of their “deeply-held religious beliefs.”
Anyway, I’m digressing. Point is, until they put their regressive religious fundamentalism into a form that violates the rule of law, the government shouldn’t be banning them. That’s just doing the same thing, in reverse.

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