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They put loops into “it’s a small world”

Love it or hate it, you have to admit that “it’s a small world!” is a masterpiece of composition and audio engineering. Want proof? I’ve taken 26 different audio loops from the attraction, each with different  [more...]

All Themes Considered

Hey, kids! Are you an NPR junkie like me? Ever wish you could pretend you were the host of a prestigious NPR news show? Here’s your chance! Morning Edition Top of the Hour Theme: Morning Edition Close: All Things  [more...]

Ringtones: My Collection

As you've guessed from the... well, eclectic nature of the sounds collected here, I've got some unique ringtones on my iPhone. I found them all here and there on the internet, most of them are from the actual owners  [more...]

Can I Come In To Play?

This one from George H.W. Bush is just… creepy:

Then there’s this one, where his inner grandmother comes to light.