Three’s a Crowd

A self-fulfilling title if ever there was one, “Three’s A Crowd” was one of three sitcoms in the “Three’s Company” universe. It was the short-lived “sequel” to the original series, which posited the question: “What happens when womanizing bachelor Jack Tripper decides to settle down?”

Unfortunately, audiences weren’t interested in the answer to that one.

Here’s the best thing about that series, the catchy theme tune.

BBC One Circle Idents (2006)

Last year I posted a series of ident music from BBC One only months before the Beeb changed their on-air look. The new look of BBC “one” eschews dancers, instead featuring disparate activities that culminate in a circle. Here are the soundtracks for the first batch of eight idents.

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C’mon Home!

A selection of NBC network promotional songs, from the late 80s and early 90s when networks still had annual slogans and big splashy graphics.

BBC One: Moving Idents

The BBC has what I consider to be the most beautiful idents in the world. BBC One, the main channel, features dance and movement in all its forms on their network IDs, from tango to tap to tai chi. Each ident features dancers wearing BBC One’s signature red color, and all the idents use the same signature tune, arranged in the style appropriate to each dance. Here are five different arrangements of the BBC One tune used in their idents.

The More You Know

Perhaps one of the most recognized public service campaigns of the last decade, “The More You Know” has been the cornerstone of NBC’s PSA activities since January 1989.

WRC-TV News Themes

Remember all those years ago, when local news programs actually had opening titles? Cheesy footage of camera men out in the streets, fuzzy film animation of the station logo chroma-keyed in, perhaps using state of the art Scanimate animation? Still photos of the news team? Those days are over.

Doctor in Distress

“Doctor in Distress” is a charity single that was produced back in 1985 when the series “Doctor Who” was taken off the air for 18 months in the UK. I remembered the song from back then when I was in the whole Dr. Who fandom culture.

Finally, today I found an MP3 version, evidently the only one extant. It’s not nearly as good as I remembered it — in fact, it’s cringe-inducing. What’s most astonishing about it is that Basia sings on it! The name of the “group” says it all: Who Cares?

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The Library in Alexandria

Commissioner Gordon must have relatives here.

Explaining Dubya

Is this George the senior trying to explain George the younger?

Hi, I’m Madonna

That Madge is a class act.

Proud as a Peacock

A little Peacock action today.

Wait ‘Til Your Father Gets Home

Mom’s always shifting responsibility.