RT @LOLGOP: Bill Cassidy — from “I’m going to pretend to care about sick kids on TV” to “Let’s see how many LA hospitals I can… https://t.co/DFuXZhujoi

RT @Mikel_Jollett: I’m not saying it’s the most “productive strategy” to punch Nazis. I’m saying, what do you expect walking around wearing that bullshit?

RT @TopherSpiro: 10: Now let me review all the statements by McCain. If he votes “yes” his words and principles are a sham. History will not be kind.

RT @LorenAdler: Just think how many states have claimed they won’t expand Medicaid because they fear the government will pull alrea… https://t.co/ZL5xcpedrg

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RT @RVAwonk: WOW. Rohrabacher just straight-up said he’s working against US intelligence agencies & accused NSA/FBI/CIA of lying… https://t.co/bVEmgN4jZB