RT @ActualEPAFacts: CSPAN Mic is hot and I hear people laughing and I want to scream.

RT @MikeGrunwald: I hate to interrupt the x-rated stuff but what Ryan is saying here is that Rs are about to throw the health care sy… https://t.co/ySa7JngWVQ

RT @Lawrence: McCain just voted against the “regular order” of committee participation in legislation that he demanded in his speech.

RT @TheRickyDavila: If you have health insurance through your job, the ungodly Health Care Freedom Act will free your employer from pro… https://t.co/fF8esQO1GJ

RT @MichaelSLinden: **SIREN EMOJI*** CBO score says 6 million people will lose EMPLOYER-PROVIDED insurance in 2018 (next year!) under S… https://t.co/XV9M1KkhgF

RT @AdamParkhomenko: Feel the Bern? Bernie Sanders voted against Russian sanctions today. 98 Senators voted for Russian sanctions today.

RT @justdevin: Neither Cornyn nor Cruz have any interest in listening to the people they supposedly represent. https://t.co/y4dS0lt88s

RT @ezraklein: Just for the record, in a sane political system, this bill, atop this process, wouldn’t have five votes, much less an apparently solid 49.

RT @txnewsprincess: RT if you plan on moving heaven and earth to vote these assholes out of office and maybe even off the continent.

RT @jonathanweisman: Cornyn said hundreds of thousands of Texans remain w/o insurance despite ACA assurances of universal coverage. Texas did not expand Medicaid