Aunt Flossie

My aunt Flossie was the center of our family. The one who made meatballs, over decorated for Christmas, was strict and permissive at the same time, took care of every kid that came within range, made orange soda slushies while we watched Dukes of Hazzard, was the original home crafter before it became an industry, raised her family almost single-handedly, opened her home to us, and was constant and ubiquitous in our lives. Until today.

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I don’t know about you, but I take clean water for granted — extra long showers, brushing my teeth, watering the lawn and flowers, drinking a nice big glass with ice. I even waste it doing things like hosing down my dirty driveway. And every time I do, I can’t help thinking that there are literally billions of people who have never seen as much clean water in their lifetime as I waste every year.
For less than you probably spend on cable TV in a month, you could provide clean water to a family in east Africa for 20 years. Seriously. How could you not?

Justice for Cisco

APD officer drew his gun on me in my driveway when I came from my backyard to get something from my truck yesterday. He was responding to a domestic violence call and came to my address by mistake.

While I was at gunpoint my dog came from my backyard barking at the officer. I yelled for the officer to not shoot my dog, that he will not bite, but the officer immediately shot and killed my dog right in front of me.

I was unable to stop or restrain Cisco because I was being held at gunpoint.

Oh, god.

This photo makes me smile and cry at the same time

Tokie Sakamoto reacts as she flips through an album of her family photographs, which were washed away by the tsunami, after receiving them from volunteer in Ofunato, Iwate prefecture on February 20, 2012. (Toru Hanai/Reuters)


Trapped Puppy Rescued from Underground Pipe

Oh, man — the crying puppy is just heart-breaking. Thank goodness this has a wonderful ending.

After nuclear disaster, a harsh winter for Fukushima’s abandoned pets

I am constantly horrified by “rules” that say you must leave your pets when you are evacuated from a disaster. I don’t care what anyone in “authority” says to me — Diego will be firmly in my grasp if I have to evacuate, along with any other pets in my neighborhood.

What do you say?

I have composed about a dozen different, long-winded blog entries in my head while in the shower… while driving to work this morning… tossing and turning in bed last night. In each one, I expounded on some quality of Steve Jobs, some way that his work touched my life or the lives of others.

Heather Welsh Garner

You were always a little kid to me, having watched you grow up, but that didn’t stop me from recognizing what kind of woman my cousin had become: smart-as-a-whip intelligent, quick with a laugh and a smile, a loving mother and the protector of a legacy from your father and grandparents.

And a year ago when I discovered that you were yet another incredible woman in my life with breast cancer, I also learned how resilient, strong and fearless you were.

Things I would like to tell myself when I was 16

State Farm, in my annual car insurance bill, is making me feel like a responsible old man — something my 16 year old self didn’t think would ever be possible.

Footage from Tokyo, earlier today.

I know that highrise buildings are designed specifically to do this… but that doesn’t make it any less freaky.