Bill O’Reilly Believes That the ‘Gay Rights Agenda’ is at the Root of the ‘War on Christmas’: VIDEO.

Um, Mr. O’Reilly has obviously not seen the decorating lengths to which the gay community will go. If there’s anyone more devoted to Christmas, it’s the gays.

One Million Moms Vs Ellen (AGAIN)

The One Million Moms have their constantly bunched panties in a knot again because JC Penney has just released another ad featuring Ellen.
An ad in which there are no same-sex couples, an ad that – despite the “WAR! ON! CHRISTMAS!” dares to actually say “Merry Christmas, America.”
So, basically, they object to the mere sight of a lesbian – she doesn’t even have to mention it or allude to it in any way.
They say, “JCP has made their choice to offend a huge majority of their customers again.”
Give me a break.

Marco Rubio: My Faith, Which Informs Me, Says That Homosexuality is a Sin

Rubio, trying to be concilatory, says that everyone – not just gay people – are sinners, and that includes lying, disrepecting your parents, stealing. etc.

So, I expect that any time now, he will be opposing adoption by liars, felons, and people who disrespect their parents. As well as opposing equal employment laws for those people. And opposing their service in the armed forces.

Jo Ann Emerson, vicious homophobe, to head NRECA

It’s interesting that she resigned from Congress just a few weeks after she was re-elected. I guess that NRECA pays better.

Facing the fiscal cliff: Taxpayers have had it easy for decades

Like most people, I don’t wanna pay more in taxes – I’m accustomed to a certain paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle. But… “Americans pay lower taxes in relation to the size of their economy than all but a handful of developed countries, including Chile and Mexico.”

Supreme Court quiet on gay marriage

I can’t even imagine what is going through their heads, especially the far right contingent. There is no compelling reason for the state to restrict this sort of freedom, there is nothing in the constitution about marriage, there is no conservative reason to block it other than inherent bigotry, they would leave no positive legacy if they block it… there is no way for the Right to win on these kind of cases. Oh, it must be just killing Scalia, Roberts, Thomas…

World Closet Case Day

“Actually Porno Pete, there IS a World Alzehimer’s Day and a World Diabetes Day. And a World Cancer Day and so on and so on. World Closet Case Day, as we all know, is every year on Peter LaBarbera’s birthday.”

Matt Barber: People With AIDS Are Sinners Who Deserve Their Gruesome Deaths

“Just when you think God’s Gentle People™ could not possibly behave more repulsively, Christian leader Matt Barber proves you wrong. Deliberately timed for World AIDS Day, obviously.”