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The Year of the Prophets

Paramount Home Entertainment has announced the DVD release of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, in my opinion the pinnacle of the Star Trek series. The entire seven season run of the show is due to be released during 2003, with the First Season appearing on February 25th. The season box sets will be released approximately every two months, much as the Next Generation sets this year.

Season One will be a six-disc box set containing all first season episodes presented in their original 4:3 full screen aspect ratios and 5.1 Dolby surround. Extras include the new featurettes “Deep Space Nine: A Bold Beginning,” “Crew Dossier: Kira Nerys,” “Michael Westmore’s Aliens: Season One,” “Secrets of Quark’s Bar,” “Alien Artifacts: Season One,” plus four still galleries: “Deep Space Nine Sketchbook,” “Deep Space Nine Chronicles,” “Section 31 Hidden Files” and a photo collection.

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