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Dog gone

It’s bedtime at my house. I’ve just about given up hope of sharing my bed again with anyone other than my dog. And tonight, it’s even lonelier – my dog is at my father’s house being babysat while I fly off to Phoenix. (I’m leaving from National Airport tomorrow morning, if anyone wants to organize some kind of going away ceremony. I’ll write a diatribe another day about the annoyance of having our airport renamed…)
Diego is a lil’ chihuahua, and he thinks he is a cat. He also thinks he is some kind of groundhog, as he burrows underneath any convenient blanket, bedspread, towel, shirt, etc. So, even though he is only 5 pounds, he manages to take up a spot right in the middle of my bed as if he were an enormous St. Bernard. I have to contort myself around this small obstruction all night, and when I move, he moves too – to snuggle up right beside me. I’ll miss that for the next week as I struggle to sleep in an impersonal hotel bed with stiff scratchy sheets and pillows that are made for tiny dogs. Like Diego.

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