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What happens if you don’t have any thoughts to write about? I’m playing with an application that, in theory, should let me post to the blog directly without going through the browser, but I have nothing really to write today. It’s been a kind of quiet day. Other than driving my neighbor to the bus station downtown, seeing a jackknifed truck on the highway and miles of stalled traffic behind it, washing clothes from my suitcase, making airline reservations for Las Vegas next week, transferring 6 hours of conference videotape onto digital tape, and playing with my neighbor’s kitten, it’s been a slow day.
I’m very glad that my conference is over, and it was a bit less stressful than usual, but I am finding that I have symptoms of something since I got home. My back is not just sore or tight, but has a big numb spot between my shoulder blades. I have no idea what this could mean, but I assume that it has something to do with a nerve or some such thing. Will I go to a doctor? Why start now?
What I really need is a relaxing day in a spa, getting massages and lounging in salt water or some such thing. Perhaps I’ll do that next week at the lovely Venetian hotel in sunny Las Vegas. Thanks, Jann, for the room… the gambling… the flight… Jaime and I appreciate it. Viva Las Vegas!

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