Just As I Thought

I still hate to wait

Well, two of my four packages have arrived – the packet from Jann (with tickets to Las Vegas and gambling funds – thankyouthankyouthankyou!); and the Christmas present for my dad. My Salt Lake City package has now made it as far as Pennsylvania, and is scheduled for delivery tomorrow – depending on the snow, I’m sure. My other package is somewhere in Illinois, scheduled for delivery tomorrow – again, I will probably take my life into my hands driving to my office1 tomorrow to wait for the packages, and then they won’t arrive because of snow. When, oh when, are they going to invent the matter transporter? Huh? When?

1. I am an excellent driver. I drive very carefully in snow and rain. But almost no other drivers do. Every accident I have ever been in is the result of someone else doing something stupid and running into me. So, the real danger when driving in the snow is the ineptitude of the other drivers.

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