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Style Invitational highlights

A few highlights from today’s Style Invitational in the Washington Post, where entrants were asked to come up with ways to stop an unwanted advance from telemarketers or others who approach you.

Second Runner-Up: Vacuum cleaner salesman: “Quick, get in here. The baby’s coming out butt first, and I’m gonna need some help with the blood.” (Robert Doherty, Alexandria)
Long-distance service telemarketer: “Sorry, I don’t have a telephone.” (Rebecca Nilson-Owens, Madison, Wis.; Richard Wong, Arlington)
Girl Scout cookies: “I am sorry, but I am not allowed by law to come within 200 feet of a Girl Scout. Unless you would like to sign this waiver. . .” (Seth Brown, Williamstown, Mass.)
Newspaper subscription caller: “Excellent. Does it come in Braille?” (Kurt Riefner, Fairbanks, Alaska)

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