Just As I Thought

Break a leg

Did you ever have a moment when you thought to yourself, “am I really that stupid?”
Imagine this: the phone rings. You’re sitting on the couch, the phone is on the kitchen table. What should be a simple action – getting up, walking to the kitchen – becomes a nightmare of contortion, slipping, falling, cracking…
So, somehow the act of answering the phone this afternoon has ended with a bunch of bruises, a bump on the head, and a hairline fracture. I wonder what the hell it was that I tripped over – more of that pesky air that keeps filling up my house, I suppose. Looking back on the whole incident doesn’t make it any clearer. Is this how stupid people end up in the emergency room? Some invisible force trips them and they break bones on their own living room floor?
I feel really, really dumb. And sore.

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