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I just saw a “human interest” story on the news about an anonymous guy dressed as Santa who paid for a woman’s purchases at the checkout at Target to the tune of about $100.
OK, a nice enough gesture, but the woman in question was a well-heeled and well-dressed blond soccer mom from the burbs, who in the interview sat in a well-decorated living room next to a lovely tree, and later was shown in a spacious kitchen with a center counter and a side-by-side refrigerator.
I’m annoyed not only by the fact that this Santa gave $100 to someone at Target who so obviously did not need it (and at the upscale Target?!), but that the incident merited a feel-good story on the news when there are so many people who really do need help. But we don’t want to make viewers uncomfortable.
Take some time now to do something for someone who needs it. Don’t expect to get on TV for it, but expect to feel like you have accomplished something to make this world a little bit better, and know that someone you helped is thanking you without knowing who you are.
Visit America’s Second Harvest to find a food bank near you, and donate or volunteer to help.

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