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Goodbye, 2002

Just a few bits of unfinished business from 2002.

Just a few bits of unfinished business from 2002:

  • I still haven’t won that multimillion dollar lottery I keep obsessing about.
  • I am still totally, completely, horribly single and alone.
  • TV stations still can’t figure out how to press the right button to get HDTV out over the airwaves to those of us who have bought those expensive sets.
  • Television in general is getting worse and worse, and Hollywood is more and more obsessed with keeping us from daring to record it. As if anyone wanted to.
  • This one might piss some people off, but… every time I see some documentary on History Channel or the like about World War II, I am struck by some of the similarities among the Nazis and Fascists to the current curtailing of civil liberties in this country. I hope this doesn’t continue through 2003. Remember that in that past era, the people went along with it in the name of patriotism.
  • McDonald’s posted it’s first loss in 2002. I think the reason is simple: they stop serving breakfast at 10:30. Who wants to choke down a Big Mac at 10:30 in the morning?
  • The worst Christmas shopping season in 30 years, and still no concrete leadership from this administration on the economy? Gee, make those tax cuts permanent? Well, what happened to the enormous boost we should have gotten from that tax rebate last year?
  • Oh, I began to get even more cynical and disgusted with things in 2002. I don’t see that changing in 2003… and only possibly in 2004, November, specifically.

Despite it all… Happy New Year!

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