Just As I Thought

Did these people see the same speech I did?


The inevitable interviewing of “ordinary” people has begun, and these people are morons. For instance:

  • “He gave us the smoking gun.” Huh? What?
  • “I had all the evidence I needed on Sept.11.” Uninformed idiot. There were no Iraqis among the terrorists. They were mostly Saudis. So naturally our best response is to go to war with Iraq?

See, the thing is, I’m sounding like I disagree with everyone and everything. Not true. I just have what some people call “common sense.” I don’t make huge leaps without evidence. I don’t connect dots that aren’t there. It seems like so many people in this country – our president included – tend to close their eyes and jump right over facts to come up with justification for their desires.
Tomorrow, I’m going to tell my employer that they should cut my revenues by 10%, and them I’m going to go home and spend 4% more on discretionary items like a new HD Camcorder and perhaps a flat-panel plasma TV. When I say it, it sounds ridiculous. When the President says it, well…

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