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Say goodbye to American freedom

The Bush administration, not content with the sickening “PATRIOT Act,” is now drafting an even more disgusting piece of legislation that will curtail civil liberties, create more secret trials, and allow government to spy on American citizens with little or no evidence. This continued assault on the freedoms that make America a great, powerful, and diverse country can only result in the transformation of this nation into one no different from those in the “Axis of Evil.” The Bush Dictatorship – for that is what it is shaping up to become – is leading this country into a dark age of repression and suppression.
Read about the “Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003” at the Center for Public Integrity website. Before the Feds block it or monitor your internet connection.
(Oh, remember all those right wing groups in the 90s who talked about a vast government that was tracking people’s movements, tapping their phones, and putting black helicopters in the air? It turns out they were right. But I’m sure they didn’t expect that it would be a right wing administration!)

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