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Grow up and take responsibility

I’m sick and tired of people whining and complaining about the snow on the streets and sidewalks. After such a huge snowfall, there’s not much choice of where to put it when plowed. Thus, a lot of streets here in the DC area have narrowed down to fewer lanes. But people are constantly complaining about this, as if a) the government was responsible for the snow fall and b) the first thing that the government should do is come around to THEIR street and get THEIR car dug out so they can rush out to Walmart or Outback Steakhouse or something.
This is why we will be easily cowed by an attack. No one here can do anything at all for themselves. If an attack happens, people will be yelling and screaming that the government hasn’t come to their neighborhood and passed out gas masks or some such stupid thing. As the president of a home owners association, I got several complaints from residents this weekend that the sidewalk to their door wasn’t shoveled quickly enough. No matter that they had their own shovels and were healthy people, they wanted our one, overworked, underpaid maintenance man to shovel them out while they stayed inside next to the fire.
C’mon people. Get real. Snow is a big mess. Take some initiative and responsibility for your own life instead of complaining when someone else doesn’t do it for you.

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