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Maybe my tax cut will pay for gas

And while we’re talking about Republicans being hypocrites – pretty much a constant topic of conversation around here – how about this: remember a few years ago when gas prices shot up? Remember how the Republicans were blaming Clinton’s energy policy? Remember all the posturing about cutting gas taxes for “the working family?” Remember how they screamed and yelled that Clinton should release the strategic oil reserve to lower the price of gas?
Now that there are oil men running the country, have you heard any bellyaching at all from the Republicans about the record price of gas? Any calls to release the stockpile? Any claims that the (nonexistent) Bush energy policy is flawed? Do you see them rushing to cut gas taxes for working families (rather than dividend taxes for rich portfolios)?
I have a feeling that Dubya could be caught in flagrante delicto in the Oval Office with a pudgy, dark haired intern on her knees, and there would be nary a peep from the same, self-righteous blowholes (pun intended) that claimed the high moral station when impeaching Clinton.

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