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Bush, Cinemafied

Adam Felber (who I listen to on NPR’s “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me“) has posted a deliciously amusing screenplay for “Rough Justice IV” (The Movie Inside President Bush’s Head). I can visualize this shoot’em up film coming out around Christmas with Fred Thompson starring as the Chief.

BUSH: All right, it’s too late to send you back. Just stick close to me, and stay alertified…

But what made me laugh even harder was one of the comments posted at the end by someone named Raya:


Dear Mr. Felber,
It has come to our attention that your website contains entirely erroneous claims concerning a “movie inside President Bush’s head.”
We must most earnestly request and demand that you immediately cease and desist from promulgating these claims, which are libellous on two counts:

1) Mr. Bush has no legal claim to the title of “President”; and
2) We can assure you that there is absolutely nothing, movie or otherwise, going on “inside [his] head.”

We look forward to your compliance in this matter.
The Bush Legal Team

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