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Some people DO think.

News of an amazingly prescient young person in today’s column from Courtland Milloy in the Post:

Peta Lindsay is one of those people who gives me hope that all is not lost in America. It’s not just that she refuses to be duped by the Bush administration. Even more inspiring is her ability, at age 18, to help others understand just how much manipulation, hypocrisy and dishonesty has gone into making war with Iraq appear necessary.

“How can Bush claim to care so much about human rights in Iraq while embedding himself in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait?” Lindsay said during a recent antiwar rally in Washington.

“Here is a nation that impeached Bill Clinton over a lie about sex that put his marriage at risk, but looks the other way when Bush tells lies that put the whole world at risk,” she said.

Millions of Americans already believe that Saddam Hussein was directly responsible for 9/11 because statements by Bush have juxtaposed the Iraqi leader and the terrorist attacks over and over again. And when Bush announced plans to bomb the Middle East into democracy, otherwise sensible people actually applauded.

“The problem is that Americans have been given so little information,” Lindsay said. “The Bush team is simply manipulating the fears that go with such ignorance.”
Glad to see that someone is thinking for herself.

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