Just As I Thought

Meanwhile, in the United States

Some things that have happened on the home front while your attention was diverted:
— The House passed the $726 BILLION tax cut package submitted by Mr. Bush. This budget proposal does not include a single dollar for the cost of this war. This is like deciding that you should quit your job even though you know you will have to pay for a new roof on your house, but ignoring it since you haven’t gotten the bill yet. The Senate looked like it might save the day, but in the end caved in by simply passing the same bill but taking out $100 billion to set aside for war costs. Say hello to the largest deficit in American history, the slashing of funds for everything from education to social services while those who are already rich get richer.
— The Bush administration, in its penchant for super-secrecy, is once again revising the rules on the release of documents. They have already destroyed the rules that allowed presidential papers to be released after an appropriate amount of time, one assumes this was done because most of the current Bush advisors were implicated in the Reagan and Bush I administrations.

As you are consumed by the new miniseries “Saddam: War with Iraq II”, pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

Shoppers are being fingerprinted by retailers who believe it will combat check fraud.

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