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A lot of Croweing going on

Inexplicably, there has this week been a sudden rash of comments to an entry I posted on April 8.
The thrust of the post was that I am bewildered by the excessive attention given to “celebrity news”, and this was exemplified by the overkill coverage of Russell Crowe’s recent engagement, wedding, and honeymoon.
Evidently, Crowe has some vociferous fans, and they seem to have converged here. (OK, converged implies a crowd, I suppose, and we’re only talking about 7 comments.) A few took my comments as I hoped – as a complaint about preoccupation with a celebrity’s life (although it was rightly pointed out that with the news filled with war and death, a little escape is not unwarranted). But many were incensed that I would say anything disparaging someone who seems to have a strange hold over them – for example:

…it’s certainly not a reason to dismiss the great influence Russell, Crowe as an artist, has on the world today. His work will stand for years to come.

At the risk of inviting a Russell Crowe flame war, can I just say… “artist?” “great influence?!” Give me a break.

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