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19 Hours

The writing, filming, and preliminary editing of our 48 Hour Film Project is done! We filmed at a total of 4 locations in a little under 8 hours with a cast of 5 and a crew of 10.
Time for a little rest before the final push tomorrow morning. Gotta finish editing, insert special effects & graphics, sound editing, and finish up the scoring. I’m not going to give anything away here (although tomorrow I’ll fess up), but I will tell about the elements: as I explained yesterday, teams pick a genre out of a hat, and the judges supply a prop, character name, and line of dialogue that must appear in every film. Our genre: Spy movie. The prop: a paint roller. Character: Buddy Johnson. Line of dialogue: “You must be the guy with the shoes.”
This experience has been a lot more fun than I expected! It’s amazing how you can start from nothing and in one day end up with a complete story, short though it may be.
More details tomorrow, along with pictures!

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