Just As I Thought

So, what brings you here?

Now that Thom has clued me in on how to find them, here are some of the searches that have landed people on my site in the last week:

$80,000 income tax exclusion for Americans who work abroad

ammonia bleach (A lot of searches for this… scary)

tax increase on Americans working abroad

alan thicke hockey game

sharing itunes music

karl roves educational history

scott bakula picture underwear

b d wong height

texas missing democrats (many versions of this)

trinny susannah mean

but its a dry heat

Microsoft Scam

tv flubs

alastair mackenzie

cowan design arlington

Vern Yip shirtless

GE imagination at work commercials

western union fraud recourse

Dr Laura December 20 2002 mother dead apartment

michael t weiss shirtless (the same person searched for this 56 times. It’s not there, move on.)

cost difference Viking Marine One White House

I’m just a bill

bikini wax commentary

Bill Zedler pubic (many variations on this)

Chuck Smith Woodbridge Mike Hammer Arlington

steve rudin weather

chemlawn complaints of nashville


dell inspiron 8500 review

weapons mass lied incompetent bush

cruelty to chickens

The War Conspiracy

Television News special on Channel 1210 CBS with Dan Rather on May 12 2003 series on the growing problems of overweight children

conservatives drive corollas

olney simpsons porn

illuminated fabric

play plinko

December 2002 Dell 6 months 0% interest financing

texas democrats oklahoma may 15

key lime martinis

aircraft carrier delayed Abraham Lincoln

new plaintalk voices

bikini wax and washington

Tom Brokaw – NBC – Nigerian Money order scandal

Is MSNBC biased

Best Buy Microsoft scam

Mr. Rogers feed the fish

bill bennett underwear gambling

bearing point iraq contract

bush aircraft carrier arrival date

parker stevenson nude

pop tart american idol password

ambassador helgi agustsson

milo sauer

will thomas cutie

cowan road FedEx shipping

jay montgomery garner replaced in iraq

adam stasio

Lynne Thigpen

Mark Feurstein

american management systems software resume

prius bluetooth

santorum comments verbatim

texas politics redistricting

marine one helicopter

powerbooks in iraq

jeff corwin nude (again, searched about 50 times. Not there, folks.)

dick cheney conspiracy

cell phone call block

cute boxer shirtless

trent lott segregation

futurama jurassic bark episode download

i am feeling lucky

death of the artist formerly known as prince

uh oh chongo

important people during the reagan administration

antique rat trap

thought power

dewey blanton weta

graphic design website production logo washington dc

i hate sears

Jeff Corwin appearances

R D E Oxenaar

portmanteau words

cowan lamp

email address of members of rott in america

west haven tivo

Scariest search:

homemade information black market anthrax mass destruction

And my favorite:

things to be happy about

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