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Push to Talk

CNET News reports that Nextel’s future plans may include a global version of their Direct Connect service.
Frankly, I can’t quite imagine the need to press a button to talk instantly with someone in, say India, but hey – I’m sure there are some who could use it.
I switched to Nextel a month ago, on the request of my ex. Well, he paid for it, so who am I to argue? Evidently, Direct Connect will be available nationally this summer, so he wants to be able to connect to my phone instantly.
The thing is, it’s not as if we talk constantly every day anyway, nor do I talk to anyone else so much that I need an instant response. I think I’ve used it twice, to talk to my brothers.
Someday I may get tired of the silence and post up my Nextel number here. Then you can push to talk.

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