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And another one bites the dust

Is the ship sinking, or did Bush err in not surrounding himself with enough toadying morons? Today, Christine Todd Whitman announced her resignation as the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, a misnomer in the Bush administration. Whitman was blatantly chosen to make Bush appear more moderate. Didn’t work. While she did at times try to blunt the anti-environment sentiment of the White House, more often she was steamrolled by the man who appointed her. I will be skeptical of whomever succeeds her.
This latest resignation, like many, many, before it, is attributed to “wanting to spend more time with family.” If only we could get the really odious ones – Dubya, Dick, Tom, Karl, the other Tom, Trent, John, et al. – to spend more time with their families instead of preaching about ours and making it hard to afford to feed them.

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