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NIMBY Bastards: Rock Creek Continued

On the radio today, a news item about the fight over Beach Drive in Rock Creek Park. One of the proponents of it’s closure from 9:30am to 3:30pm actually said that she likes to walk and jog in the park, and she’d feel a lot safer without the cars – because if she was attacked she felt that without the cars, she’d be heard better when she screamed.
You must be kidding.
Do I really need to make comments on this nonsense?
Probably not, but let me beat a dead horse.
If the cars are drowning out your screams, you’re on the side of the road anyway. Wouldn’t you rather have people driving by, to witness and stop whatever is happening? Or would you prefer the pristine silence of a deserted woods when a guy comes up behind you to strangle you ala Chandra Levy?
Another note: I don’t see a bevy of people hankering for recreation in a park so big that it stretches across an entire city – during the work day. In other words, the only people who this plan would benefit between 9:30 and 3:30 are those who are too rich to have jobs. They actually insist that people from all over the city would benefit. Yeah, those unemployed guys standing on street corners looking for work over in Southwest about 10 miles away are just dying for some hiking and biking during the midday.
NIMBY Bastards.

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