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Blame me - I’m Gay

Cripes, I am *so* tired of hearing from the intolerant, ultra-right fundamentalists screaming about their belief that homosexuality is responsible for the decline of the family. Now that the Supreme Court has spoken, they are up in arms claiming that the fabric of society is about to unravel.
How in the hell can gay persons cause marriages to fail – they can’t marry! How can gay persons be responsible for teenage pregnancy? For abortion? Who has fewer unwanted pregnancies than homosexuals?
Listen – the so-called gay agenda, including the potential for same-sex marriage – all leads toward strengthening families and marriage. Don’t these nuts understand that it’s better for society for two people in love to be committed to each other in marriage than to be forever barred from it? That it would create stable households and reduce the horrifying promiscuity they’re always going on about? That if you stop persecuting and marginalizing a segment of society that they will become a strengthening part of it?
Doesn’t it seem to you that they use homosexuality as a scapegoat for the real reasons for the decline of American family and morals – things like oppressive declarations from fundamentalists; infidelity in marriage (don’t think I don’t also blame Clinton for this); alcohol and drugs; pandering to the lowest common denominator in the media (hello, Jerry Springer and Joe Millionaire); little attention to education; blah blah blah. Nah, none of that is important. It’s the homosexuals who are to blame.
If my neighbor gets a divorce, I’m sure it’s because of my insidious homo-influence next door.

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