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The iBook Saga: denoument?

The package delivery saga continues.
OK. You remember how, for the last few weeks, I’ve been fuming about the loss of my iBook on the way back from repair? How it took 3 weeks for Apple and Airborne Express to come to an agreement that it was actually lost? How finally, they sent me a new one to replace it and it was supposed to be here Saturday?
Guess what?
It didn’t!
Today I blasted a few e-mails over to Apple innocently inquiring about it. Well, what happened was this: FedEx reports that I have a wrong address. No matter that I’ve lived in this house for 5 years; that the Post Office seems to think my address is OK, and that FedEx has delivered here before… no, the official FedEx book says that the range of addresses here on my block all have apartment numbers. So, the driver decided that since my address – a townhouse – has no apartment number, the address must be wrong. The interesting thing is that FedEx insists that the delivery was attempted at 7:00am. I was home. If a FedEx truck came by, why the hell didn’t he look at the NUMBERS on the townhouses rather than make the assumption that I lived in one of the multi-unit buildings behind me?
An odd thing – evidently, in the era of GPS and databases, the drivers no longer look at numbers on houses. They go by what the book says.
Finally, this afternoon I drove WAY out past the train tracks in the “industrial” part of the region to the FedEx depot to pick the damn thing up myself. And waited 30 minutes because they couldn’t find it. I had visions of yet another Apple investigation, and the sending of a second new laptop 3 weeks later.
So, here I sit with a new iBook to outfit and then ship out AGAIN to my mother and stepfather, who have been suffering a PC for 3 weeks. To my chagrin, the new iBook doesn’t have extra RAM and an AirPort wireless card like the one that was lost, and now I have to wait… again. Apple is shipping those two items out to me separately.
I hope they get the right address.

Can I add here, while I’m complaining about the war with the customer, that last week I went to the grocery store, and somehow the checkout guy charged my credit card twice. I called American Express today to get the extra charge removed, and he said that they can’t do anything until 30 days has passed. Huh?!

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