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Still waiting on FedEx

May I refer you, gentle reader, to the events of the last month wherein my iBook disappeared and the machevellian replacement.
Well, last week I indicated that the whole thing might be over. HAH!
It’s been a week since a replacement iBook arrived, but as it was a stock model in a box, it didn’t have the various upgrades that I had put into the old one, like memory and a wireless card.
The memory arrived the next day.
A week later, I am still waiting for the Airport card.
Apple assures me that it’s once again FedEx’s fault – they insist that the address of my house, which has been here 20 years, is invalid. Every other delivery company manages to deliver, the USPS does it… what is the problem with FedEx?

So, soon I will begin numbering the days – ‘iBook Held Hostage – Day 29.”

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