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The government needs more crayons

I have a sneaking suspicion that in his classes on management and logistics back at Yale, Dubya was given a Crayola 4-pack of crayons — the same little sampler you get for your kids to draw on placemats in a restaurant. He used them to come up with color-coded file folders to increase office efficiency, I’m sure.
I think it’s time for the big 64-color set, ’cause they’re wearing out the red, yellow, and green. From today’s Washington Post:

The new Transportation Security Administration system seeks to probe deeper into each passenger’s identity than is currently possible, comparing personal information against criminal records and intelligence information. Passengers will be assigned a color code — green, yellow or red — based in part on their city of departure, destination, traveling companions and date of ticket purchase.

… The system “will provide protections for the flying public,” said TSA spokesman Brian Turmail. “Not only should we keep passengers from sitting next to a terrorist, we should keep them from sitting next to wanted ax murderers.”

So, it’s conceivable that you could run a red light on the way to the airport, on a code red day, with a threat level of orange, park in the green lot, take the green shuttle, and be labeled a yellow passenger on Jet Blue.

May I suggest that the colors for this new insanity be changed to “cornflower”, “burnt sienna”, and “periwinkle”?

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