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The Genius Formula

Some excerpts from this morning’s Style Invitational, in which you were asked to rewrite one of four famous observations. These are some of the entries seeking to rewrite the famous “1 percent inspiration, 99 percent perspiration” quote of Thomas Edison:

The winner of the “Armpit of America” T-shirt from Battle Mountain, Nev.:
Genius is not 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration. It is 41 percent flour, 21 percent sugar, 10.00041 percent water, 10 percent corn syrup, 9 percent hydrogenated oil from canola, soybean or beef fat, 1.2 percent diacin, 0.8 percent ferrous sulfate, 0.71 percent mononitrate, 0.4 percent riboflavin, 0.21 percent dextrose, 0.02 percent modified food starch, 0.019 percent sodium acid pyrophosphate, 0.0021 percent lecithin, .00006 percent polysorbate 60, .000009 percent dextrin, .00000002 percent calcium caseinate, and that, my friend, is the Twinkie. (Art Grinath, Takoma Park)

One percent inspiration and 99 percent graduate assistants slaving away in indentured servitude. (Chris Lafferty, Leesburg)

One percent inspiration and, like, a billionty-kazillion percent exaggeration. (Baylen Linnekin, Washington)

One percent pandering and 99 percent unquestioning allegiance to The Style Invitational. (Robin Colaninno, Takoma Park)

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